Hi, I’m Nicola, aka Nix, Mom, friend and wine enthusiast.


We are blessed to live in a beautiful part of South Africa, surrounded by picturesque wine farms, but I spent so much time researching different farms to see what they had to offer, and match that to our needs.  I kept hoping to find a website that would help categorise the farms, narrow down the search and quite simply make my life easier by providing all the info for me. So……I decided to make one!


The more time I spent at the various farms, the more I realised that wine farms nowadays have a diverse range of activities available and have become an experience on their own.  Along the way, I’m hoping to break down some of the misconceptions of the industry and help others to see the lighter/fun side of wine too.  Every week I feature a new wine farm on my Instagram and Facebook pages, where you get a teaser of what the farm entails, before deciding if it’s your cup of tea or your glass of wine 😉.

Join me as I embark on a journey of discovery through our gorgeous winelands of SA and help YOU to find your ideal farm for your next adventure!


Have a winederful day!