Adventure is just a wine farm away


South Africa is well known for its plethora of spectacular scenery, rich heritage, and diverse cultural background, and this is nowhere more evident than in our vineyards and their wines. Join Winelands Explore as we adventure through our beautiful winelands to uncover and appreciate our local wines and highlight the diversity and unique offering of each wine farm.


Are you looking to spend some time at a wine farm this weekend?  Which wine farms are ideal for children, or which ones have restaurants or pairing options? 

Who says you even need to drink wine at a farm, perhaps you are more interested in their delicious cuisine or spending a few hours blazing around some single track mountain bike routes.  Perhaps you are on the hunt for a romantic wedding venue or looking for the ideal conference venue.  Make use of our unique Winelands Directory tool to help you find the ideal farm for your day out.

Many of us are looking to relax and unwind with family and friends and share good wine, good times and make memories.  Be sure to look at our events page and add it to your calendar so you don’t miss out on the fun events you could attend!  Each farm is a destination to experience, because adventure is just a wine farm away!

Farms Listed

Our work in the winelands is never done. We are constantly seeking new adventures to share with you. 

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